Full Home Renovations for the Vancouver, BC, Area

From stat to finish, Good Karma specializes in complete home renovations and high-end development with attention to every detail bringing your vision into reality.

Our areas of expertise include:

·  Bathroom Renovations

·  Kitchen Renovations

·  Home Improvements

·  Smart Home Renovation

·  Home Expansion

·  Deck Construction

·  Floor instillation

·  Hardwood Flooring

·  Baseboard and Crown Molding

·  Windows and Door Instillation

·  Steam Showers

·  Foundations

·  Painting

·  Tiling

·  Repairs

·  Framing

·  Drywall – small or major repairs

·  Taping on Mudding

·  In-law Suite

·  Electrical

·  Pluming

·  SchluterKerdi

·  Deck Repair on New Build

·  Smart Custom Bathroom

·  Installation on Sound Proven

·  Structural and Other Major Repairs

Whatever your housing requirements are, call 778-986-8302 oremail us for a free consultation and we’ll be happy to go through your ideas with you.

Our 4 Step Process

1. Listening and Consulting
It’s important for us to understand exactly what you envision your dream home to be, from the time you pull into your driveway to walking through your front door. We’ll ask key questions to gain insights that will define thebest path to delivering what you are looking for, in the most economical and time efficient way. Our consultants will clearly demonstrate passion and a commitment to helping you turn your dream of building a beautiful, custom home, into a reality. At the consulting stage, a Good Karma advisor will book a meeting with you free of chargeand at no further obligation, as we believe in learning about each other to assess a great fit, and want to provide you with proof that we are the right choice to work with. You’ll walk away with a clear idea of what goes into the design and development process, and gain insights that could even help save you some money while achieving your objectives!

2. Design Phase
Good Karma’s integrated design and development model means that you have access to the best team of architects, engineers, interior designers and builders that will sit down with you to discuss your ideas and vision. At this stage, we’ll capture all the important elements you want in your home and advise on the best way to reach your goals. We’ll also conduct research on materials and other layout requirements to assess costs and provide a range of options for you to choose from.

3. Construction to Moving In
During the construction process, we invite you to visit the site at anytime to assess progress and speak with our builders, in addition to meeting with us on a regular basis at a schedule we mutually agree upon to ensure open and straight forward communication is present at all times. There will be milestones that are set in advance of the build to keep things on track with progress reports delivered bi-monthly.
Once your home is built we’ll conduct a walk through together to ensure you are receiving the quality you’ve come to expect from Good Karma.

4. After Care
Between 6 to 12 months after the completion of your home, it’s our commitment to ensure that you are thrilled with the outcomes. We’ll do a follow-up walk through with you to identify and correct any potential issues so you can rest assured knowing that your home is built to last. Why Are We Different? When it comes to building or renovating a home, whether it’s your first or third, it can be a stressful undertaking as there are so many details to consider. We make it easier for you to enjoy the process by guiding you through each stage with clear communication and a relationship based on transparency and open dialog.
If we believe a certain direction isn’t in your favor, we will tell you and provide options that would better meet your objectives, so you can make an informed decision.
At Good Karma our creativity and eye for detail enables us to delivera unique perspective to your design direction, providing other ideas you may not have considered, and we use the most advanced construction technology to maximize efficiencies on your behalf.
We put our hearts into everything we do and our team of skilled engineers, builders and trades have decades of combined construction experience dedicated to making each project highly successful, delivering beautiful craftsmanship with detailed finishesto present work we can be proud of.
We gain great satisfaction knowing that we’ve helped our client achieve their goals.