It's All About Good Karma

Our Philosophy


When we started Good Karma, we asked ourselves, “what are the most important  considerations people have when choosing a builder to partner with on  the construction of their new dream home?”

The answer was simple. 

Trust.  Communication.  Quality.

These are our core values too, and the 3 pillars that our business is built on.

As a contracting company specializing in renovations and home  improvements for residential and commercial properties, it is our  mission to bring our clients’ vision into reality. 

Good Karma excels at every aspect of building a home including  bathrooms, kitchens, master bedrooms, bedrooms, basements, foundations,  deck construction and so much more. 

We create the most effective use of space and light for every  household and pay careful attention to every detail so you don't have  to.

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About the FOUNDER

Joslyn Oates, founder of Good Karma has been a renovation contractor  for 9 years and has extensive construction, renovation, and home  improvement experience, ranging from foundations to a finished product. 

He saw many other renovation companies giving clients a hard time, and making it a painful process to get the results they were looking for. 

So he set out to change that... 

His goal is to achieve the best design for his client’s vision, with  clear and honest communication each step of the way to bring their dream  home into reality. 

Joslyn resides in West Vancouver and is a proud  husband and father of four children.